March 2016

Where's Waldo on Thursday night at 7 pm is proving popular with the group. Every player is given a free ticket and just before last round, the Director will draw the winning number. If it is your ticket, you get to draw from our special deck of cards. If you find Waldo (the joker) you win the pot!  Next week's pot is $190.00

February 2016 Calendar

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Our new Individual game on Tuesday afternoons is a lot of fun. Just drop in - no need for a partner. Game time 12:30.




What's Happening at Halifax Bridge World in January!

Access our easy to read January Calendar. The first two weeks of January offer STAC games. You can win silver points playing in STAC games. Also we are holding Junior Fund games that benefit the Canadian Junior players. HBW will not be charging any extra fees for these special games. All the extra tables will help defray to the costs.

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STORM POLICY for Winter 2016

When schools are cancelled so are lessons at HBW.

Games are handled in a different manner. We will review each game cancellation on an individual basis.  Please check with the website during inclement weather to see if HBW is open or closed.

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Maritime Bridge Line

Maritime Bridge Lines will keep you up to date with everything going on in Unit 194 and Unit 230.


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