Monday, December 8, 2014

What's happening at Halifax Bridge World in December?

It's the last month of 2014, and there's a jam-packed schedule here at Halifax Bridge World -- including a spectacular New Year's Eve event ...
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halifax Bridge World Pair win Canada!

Helen Prowse and Janet Corkum win the Erin Berry 2014 Rookie Master Game for all of Canada!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's happening at Halifax Bridge World in October?

We had a great month at Halifax Bridge World. Our Bridge University was a tremendous success! Dennis and Jerry Clerkin put on quite a show. Comments from the players who attended their lectures all had a common theme -- just how clearly they presented the material. We were very fortunate to have two such high calibre players/teachers share their time and knowledge with us.

New lessons have begun, Easybridge continues to thrive, the IMP League is up and running starting this Thursday, October 2. We are still filling up teams, so don't be shy. If you would like to play, Linda will do her best to find you a team.

October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Month. Look for CA games that award 100% Sectional black points and the "dusting" of Gold points to be awarded at the Team Games.

It is also Coffee Month at HBW - we certainly appreciate your donations as we serve over 100 pots of coffee each week at the club!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this month at Halifax Bridge World!
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bridge University – September 8-13

Halifax Bridge World is pleased to announce an exceptional opportunity to receive a week of expert bridge instruction here at home.  Dennis and Jerry Clerkin, two bridge professionals from the USA will join us for the week and offer classes and workshops on a variety of subjects. There are classes for all levels of bridge players from beginner to expert.

Be sure to line up your favourite bridge partners and sign up for lessons that will change your game. Denny and Jerry have more than 47,000 masterpoints, earned the hard way, playing against the world’s best. Come out and take advantage of their vast experience. Your game will never be the same again!
No travel costs. No hotels bills. Professional bridge instruction from the experts right in our own backyard.

Who has more fun than bridge players!

Sept 8th
Tuesday Sept 9thWednesday Sept 10thThursday Sept 11thFriday
Sept 12th
Sept 13th
KICK OFF! Bridge “U” starts All day Events All day events Morning and Afternoon Morning and Afternoon
AM: Strat Open Pairs A/B/C International Fund Game $10 pp 50/50 draw 9:15 start AM: New Beginner lessons – $125 pp 9:30 start Linda AM: Bridge 102 “Count Your Tricks” With sample hands 9:15 start $20 pp Linda AM: Bridge 203 “The 8 Card Combos You Need to Know” With sample hands 9:15 start $20 pp Jerry & Denny AM + AFT Bridge 204 “No Trump Responses” plus lunch and afternoon Int’l Fund Game $50 pp 9:15 start Lunch 12:30 Game (Game only $20 pp) Denny & Jerry AM + AFT Bridge 205 “No Trump Responses in Competition” plus Lunch and Afternoon Game. Jerry - $50 pp Class starts: 9:15 am OR Choose: Bridge 502 Master Class “Methods for Ace Asking – Minorwood, Exclusion,etc” plus Lunch and Afternoon Game. Limited to 24 Denny $50 pp Class starts: 9:15 am
Aft: 0-300 Strat A/B/C International Fund Game $10 pp 50/50 draw 12:30 start Aft: Bridge 201 “Raises - Part I” and short game + questions. 12:30 start 4:30 finish $20 pp Denny & Jerry Aft: Bridge 501 Master Class “Tips from The Experts”+ short game Limited to 24 Start 12:30 - 4:30 $20 pp Denny & Jerry Aft: Bridge 103 “Hands You See Everyday and What to Do with Them” plus short game 12:30 start 4:30 finish $20 pp Jerry & Denny See above See above
PM: Strat Open Pairs A/B/C International Fund Game $10 pp 50/50 draw 7 pm start PM: Bridge 101 “Overcall or Double” with Sample Hands 0-300 Players Start: 7 - 9:30 9:30 Q + A $20 pp Denny & Jerry PM: Bridge 202 “Raises in Competition - Part II” plus short game Start: 6:30 – 10:30 $20 pp Denny & Jerry PM Strat Open Pairs A/B/C Int’l Fund Game Winners of auction to partner with Denny and Jerry announced. Drinks & snacks -50/50 $15 Start 7pm PM Something for Everyone “Play a Hand with a Pro!” Stratified A/B/C Individual Int’l Fund Game with drinks and snacks, 50/50 draw Start: 6:30 Q+A $15 Game: 7 pm Denny & Jerry Classes are followed by: 12:30 Strat A/B/C International Fund Game (Game only $20 pp)

100 Classes suitable for 0 – 300 players
200 Classes suitable for 0 – 1000 players
500 series are designed for 1000+ players
The prices are for registrations pre-paid by Sept 1st.
Add $5 if paying at the door.

Sunday Sept 14th Graduation Day!
Stratified A/B/C International Fund Team Game. 1 session – 5 rounds of 7. Special price of $5 per player. 12 noon start. Overall Master Point Winners for A/B and C will be announced! Triple Masterpoints!